Mark Thomases - Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Directs enterprise operations including strategic development, product planning, and risk operations. Over thirty years of environmental insurance, loss control, and liability settlement experience. Diversified expertise in property development, finance, and real estate ownership. Founder and retired president of an ongoing national environmental claims corporation responsible for resolving $1.3B of liability risk throughout the US. 

Roland P. Costanzo - Chief Operating Officer

COO, Executive Vice President
Underwriting & Settlement

Directs risk underwriting and liability settlement operations. Twenty six years of environmental insurance, corporate management, and remediation experience. Expertise in managing and settling large-loss international pollution claims over $200MM. Directs worldwide property acquisition and environmental operations for a Fortune 250. Broad experience serving corporations exposed to CERCLA liabilities. Expert in predictive risk analysis, government communications, and compliance planning.

Cole L. Russo - Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President
Insurance & Risk Management

Directs insurance and reinsurance operations. Thirty years of multi-disciplinary experience in international underwriting, broking, and claims management. Expertise in worldwide risk casualty underwriting for large multinationals and Fortune 500 companies. Extensive executive experience in specialty broking for industrials, pharmaceuticals, and financials throughout Europe and the Americas. Expert in structuring complex covers for international companies operating in multiple jurisdictions. 

Al Nesheiwat - Senior Vice President

Sr. Vice President
Indemnity Services

Directs indemnity repair and compliance services. Thirty years as an environmental insurance executive, corporate director, and EPA regulator. Expertise includes indemnity repair and claim settlement with authority over risk exposures of $10MM to $200MM. Resolved pollution liabilities for over 1,000 sites, producing aggregate loss avoidance of more than $500MM. Executive responsibility for remediating and divesting 70+ chemical sites on three continents, including management of $400MM in corporate reserves.

Gary Tillett - Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Executive in charge of corporate treasury operations, economic strategies, and controller functions. More than twenty years of public and private corporate finance and accounting expertise. Diversified experience as CFO of a national environmental insurance claims corporation and chief controller of a publicly traded manufacturing and distribution company.