We partner with our markets and brokers to deliver complete environmental insurance solutions.

North Branch Global Risk is a managing general underwriter, specialty wholesale broker, and program administrator. The firm was founded to underwrite and distribute Environmental Cost Cap insurance for known pollution conditions. Our coverage polices are offered through an A+ rated affiliate of our partner Munich Re. These policies are available in the United States and globally.

We offer a unique combination of environmental underwriting, oversight, and claims management services. By engaging in the full range of insurance activities that produce successful outcomes, we deliver maximum value to parties seeking financial certainty and reliable protection against variable cleanup costs.

Our environmental underwriters, oversight specialists, and claims experts deliver customized insurance solutions for companies in real estate, manufacturing, chemicals, petrochemicals, construction, transportation, food products, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. As a provider of insurance covering known property contamination, we protect stakeholders against exposures not covered by Pollution Legal Liability policies and property and casualty insurance programs. We thus serve our markets by delivering solutions uniquely available only through North Branch Global Risk.